Hi, I’m Isa : )

balloon.colour.clearI’m expressing and channelling my experiences of everyday madness through cartoons and comics. Humour is my way of dealing with things and my little drawings grew on my friends and family.

So hopefully, I can make you smile and laugh as well :)


I also do commissioned work, for example for some of the UNESCO schools in Germany, children’s books, logos and the like.

Any comments with ideas, tips, suggestions for improvement, likes, shares and follows are greatly appreciated <3

You can find all My Stuff by clicking on the menu on the top left of the site. On Pinterest I post background information of finished works and you’ll get a glimpse of what inspires me from my boards. On Instagram I share pictures from my life, sneak peeks and sketches and some background information as well. I enjoy staying in touch with other artist on Deviantart, where I mostly post finished works. Twitter I usually use to retweet great things I find there and Tumblr I am not really sure how to make the best of yet without being redundant…

FoxPC-clearBtw, I don’t really use social media in my private life (all my friends live basically across the street) and hence it is super difficult for me to build my social media presence, so maybe you can help me by following me and like and share my stuff :)


Feel free to follow my Facebook, communicate with me there and like and share the hell out of my stuff :)

Most of all, I plan to make this website the major home base, where all social media activity, communication and information comes together.

So if you want to not miss a thing, follow isacomics.com! Keep scrolling for my blog entries: less text, more picture ;)

Yours, Isa xx