It feels so good to watch this interview.

It’s an interview with Trevor Noah, writer (“Born a crime”), producer, actor, media critic and comedian as well as the host of The Daily Show, conducted by Al Jazeera and published on YouTube on February 11th 2017.

Let me give you a list with

3 reasons, why this interview made my day:

  1. Interviewee expresses his opinions in a mature manner:
    • calm
    • to the point
    • answering the question
    • acknowledging subjectivity of his opinion
    • expressing differentiated views
    • respectful
  2. Interviewer is well prepared, professional and attentive.
    • Shows no predisposition for or against the interviewee.
    • Asks difficult, relevant and interesting questions.
    • Digs deeper to get to the core of what is being said.
    • Digs deeper when an answer seems to contradict other information.
    • Is calm and respectful.
  3. The issues talked about are relevant and broad, not focusing on “what sells”.
    • Although inevitably talking about Trump, it takes only one small portion of the interview.
    • Putting different aspects into perspective and looking at the bigger picture.


With recent global trends regarding populism, media styles and how adults talk to each other, this interview is a refreshing reminder of what adulting actually looks like. I’m not saying the interview is perfect, nor that it has to be. I agree with some points and I disagree with some others. Some views presented broadened mine.

It’s a relief, it feels good and right. It feels like I can learn and grow just watching this. My brain my soul and my heart crave role model behavior, if as simple as in an interview.

“I don’t believe we ask enough questions. I don’t believe we seek out enough answers. Often times, the first piece of information we get we claim as […] the bastion of all knowledge that we have.” – Trevor Noah

Check out the interview here: