happyfox… Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Isa, a science enthusiast and biiig Excel fan (There, I said it!)  with an excellent MBA as well as master’s degree in Innovation & Technology Management and Marketing. Clever creations and innovations fascinate me and the ideas and solutions of our visionaries past and present are what drive me and make me good at what I do. Since my teenage days I spend hours scouting for the latest scientific discoveries and technological feats and watch industries unfold from what started as a disruptive start up. In short: I studied what I am passionate about and get to do my favourite things at work :) Wooo!

Of course, that doesn’t save me from everyday life madness and my weapon of choice is humor. I’m creating funny little comics and cartoons that grew on my family and friends and which I hope will make you smile, too :)

I also love drawing illustrations for children’s books like funny monsters and fairy tale worlds. I can sit for hours getting lost in those worlds of imagination, fun and heroism :)

FoxPC-clearSo far, I have been doing commissioned work on a word-of-mouth basis, for example school materials for some of the UNESCO schools in Germany, children’s books, flyers, greeting and invitation cards and the like.

But in spring 2016 my family and friends finally convinced me to take it a step further and so I set up camp online.

In spite of my professional background in all things innovative and digital, I don’t really use social media in my private life. Mostly because almost all of my friends live right around the corner and when I feel social I just walk over and hang out with them. Hence it is super difficult for me to build my social media presence..

You can help me by following me and liking and sharing my stuff :) That’d be so awesome! Also, greatly appreciated ;)

Well, I hope you enjoy my creations :)

Yours, Isa xx