Adults adulting

It feels so good to watch this interview.

It’s an interview with Trevor Noah, writer (“Born a crime”), producer, actor, media critic and comedian as well as the host of The Daily Show, conducted by Al Jazeera and published on YouTube on February 11th 2017.

Let me give you a list with

3 reasons, why this interview made my day:

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Nice to meet you :)

Hi, I’m Isa : )

balloon.colour.clearI’m expressing and channelling my experiences of everyday madness through cartoons and comics. Humour is my way of dealing with things and my little drawings grew on my friends and family.

So hopefully, I can make you smile and laugh as well :)


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Figuring things out

Hello everyone :)

As you probably noticed, the theme of the site changed. The panel theme won’t be fixed any time soon and so I adapted all my comics and posts to the new one here.OFFandONagain

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New Comics Online

Hi there :)

Please welcome my new additions:



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