If you want to stay up to date with isakomiks you can do so in multiple ways.

Following me via RSS.

Whatever RSS-Reader you are using, you can just type my website URL into the search bar of your RSS-Reader and you can follow that RSS-Feed, which will show all new posts:

If you only want to follow specific content, just type in the following URL’s into your RSS-Readers search bar:

  • Category: //isakomiks .com/category/______________/feed       –> Fill in the blank with the category as written on my website, e.g.: all-images, comic-cards, comic-strips, illustrations, blog.
  • Comments: //isakomiks .com/comments/feeds
  • Tag: //isakomiks .com/tag/____________/feed         –> Fill in the blank with the tag you would like to follow as found on my website in the posts.


However, you can also follow me on different social media or get updates via Email, just use…

Follow buttons:

When you scroll down my website until you reach the footer bar you’ll find the different follow buttons:


First you find the different social media icons: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Just click on the button to follow me on those.

You can also follow me via Email. You will get updates on new posts that I upload to the website.

You can also follow me within the wordpress.com universe and receive my post updates in your wordpress.com reader.

Happy following :)